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Warthox is happy to introduce you it Counter Strike : Global Offensive team from Russia. You can discover the players at this link : We asked him few questions so you can get to know them :

Have you already played together ?

Most of us played together for 3 months, except Flash, who is here for a month, so we still learning to play together.

What are your tournament prize list ?

Nothing special. We had a slot on ESEA Advanced and we went in finals on Good Game League Open Qual.

What are your goals and your expecting within Warthox ?

We count on the best support and understanding from their side. We wish to go as far as possible with them.

What can a Russian team could bring to a French Esport structure ?

The best that our team can do for the organization is good results, which we are trying to do right now. We hope we are good enough !

What are your upcoming competition ?

We play on ESEA Advanced League and, as always, the main and the nearest tournament: CIS Minor.

Thank you guys, good luck for the CIS !

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